I am a UK based photographer generally flitting between London and the Midlands. For years the human face has been a fascination; the differences, the similarities and the shapes that create individual identitites, it is this fascination that brought me to photography.

From starting out with a simple point and shoot, taking photos of strangers on the street, to working on location and in the studio creating headshots, fashion and beauty images, my artistic journey has been fuelled by each individual encounter.

Throughout the years I have been inspired and influenced by a huge range of photographers and artists, initially as a child being persuaded to walk around the National Portrait Gallery by my parents. Now it is an insatiable appetite for every interpretation of the human form, and that ever unique face atop the shoulders.

So, I invite you to look through my website and to get in contact.

All content is the intellectual and copyrighted property of Timothy Peacock Photography

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